Yes. After 125 years Smulekoff’s is closing. The “Final Days” signs went up today and the reality is setting.

We still have two floors of beautiful furniture so it is a great time to find that perfect piece. Come in and check it out. Say Hello (or Good-bye) to Chuck. After 60 years of helping Eastern Iowan furnish their homes he will finally have to retire. The end is near so don’t wait too long. After Thanksgiving we will have to say good-bye.

“If I were a dining table, where would I be hiding?”

I overheard an interesting exchange between a guest and one of our sales associates the other day that made me smile.

After the initial welcome greetings the guest asked, “If I were a dining table, where would I be hiding?”

The response was, “Well, if you wanted to hang out with the common folk, you would be on 4th floor. But if you prefer more elegant company you would be hiding on 3rd floor. Now if you are the creative type that likes to pick your own design and colors, you would be in the Bassett gallery on 2nd floor.”

What a fun way to explain the tremendous selection that is available in our store. We have the mainstream designs that people are looking for, but we don’t stop there. We also have some of the finest dining furniture available. But if that doesn’t work, then we also can go to Bassett and design the size and colors for the look you desire.

Spring has finally arrived in Eastern Iowa and it feels like we are jumping right into summer. With Memorial Day coming this weekend, let’s hope it is finally the warm season in Iowa.