About Theresa

I’m an advertising and communications gal with the heart of a salesperson.

I’ve never been a hard sell kind of person but a partner whose goal is to make life better for those I’m working with – make things easier, more effective, more lucrative, more productive, more beautiful, more functional and even more fun.

So I guess it wasn’t all that strange that, as my career progressed I’d find a home at Smulekoff’s. I’ve worked for almost 15 years as the Advertising and Communications manager at Smulekoff’s Home Store.

I really like Smulekoff’s because the passion is here. We don’t just sell sofas – we try very hard to help our customers create a beautiful room. I think that is the difference between a commodity store that sells furniture, flooring and accents and a Home store. I hope when people visit us on-line and come into our store, they experience the difference.