About Dave

Dave Sundberg cropped copyI’m a furniture guy.

I have always loved wood furniture. I think I got that from my father. My earliest memories are of being downstairs with my dad in his workshop. I loved to watch him as he fixed something or made a new piece of furniture for my mom. Sometimes he would let me help him. I never did learn to make fine furniture like he could do, but I did acquire his passion for taking some simple pieces of wood and turning them into a beautiful piece.

So I guess it wasn’t all that strange that, when I grew up and gave up trying to save the world, I turned to the furniture world. I’ve been selling furniture for over 20 years. Now I’m the manager of the furniture department at Smulekoff’s Home Store.

I really like Smulekoff’s because the passion is here. We don’t just sell sofas – we try very hard to help our customers create a beautiful room. I think that is the difference between a commodity store that sells furniture and a furniture store. I hope that when people come into our store they can experience the difference.

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