England Furniture has arrived




We want to welcome a new face to our upholstery line up – England furniture.

Since 1964, England has been building quality upholstered furniture in the foothills of East Tennessee. With over 500 fabrics and leathers to choose from, England is known for providing its customers a large choice of options without a long build cycle. In a world where 8 to 12 weeks lead time is the norm for custom made upholstery, we should be able to have your custom made England sofa in your home within 6 weeks.

The new pieces are now in the store and waiting on 1st floor. Come see for yourself the quality and affordability that we can offer with this new addition to the Smulekoff’s family.

Am I being too optimistic to think we are done with winter and spring has arrived? I hope not. As the nice weather returns to Eastern Iowa I hope everyone will be able to get out and enjoy Iowa again.