An Old Friend has Returned


I am very happy to report that Spring Air Back Supporter mattress has returned to Smulekoff’s. This venerable name in the bedding industry was hit hard by that economic down turn we all experienced a few years ago but they are back and better than ever. Best of all they are being made just down the highway in Toledo, Iowa by Midwest Sleep.


They have created a nine bed line-up for us that we can offer everyday ranging from just $299 for a queen size mattress and foundation set up to $999 for the big and beautiful (and COMFORTABLE) Riviera Eurotop.


We even have a trio of wonderful beds designed just for Smulekoff’s – it says so right on the bed. The Marbella is available in firm, plush or pillow-top comfort levels and our everyday price will be just $599 for the queen size set.


Our bedding department on third floor is a very popular place right now. Come check it out.