Mattress Favorites for 2012

Mattress Favorites for 2012

I was looking at mattress sales for 2012 today. A couple of very interesting trends popped out at me.

20130130_143603The best-selling queen size mattress in our store was the BeautyRest Groveland Plush Firm. This was actually the mattress most often chosen by our customers regardless of the size – by far. This one gets the Peoples Choice Award. What I find very interesting is that this bed has the firmer BeautyRest pocketed coil. It is called a “plush firm” because it has a comfortable plush surface feel with the firm, supportive coil underneath. We actually show the exact same bed with the softer “plush” coil for the same price but we don’t sell anywhere near as many of those beds.

The interesting part – at least to me – is that people are choosing the firmer feel. This is consistent throughout the BeautyRest line-up. We have that choice at three other levels and in all three the firmer feeling mattress out sells the softer feel. I don’t know if BeautyRest is seeing that trend in other stores but it is clear that the Smulekoff’s customer likes the comfortable surface with a solid and supportive innerspring beneath.

I looked at the queen size sales figures first because I knew that roughly 50% of the20130130_143358 mattresses sold were in queen size. Next I took a look at the king size mattress sales. This one surprised me. Our best-selling king size mattress for 2012 was the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme. I figured this best seller not just on dollars but also on units – regardless of price. At $3299 this is not a cheap bed but I guess that makes sense. I really shouldn’t be surprised. A king size bed is usually going into the master bedroom and when you make the choice to go up to the king size you are choosing to invest in a good night’s sleep. So why not invest in the bed you really want? If you want a good night’s sleep the Tempur-Pedic is a good choice.

Winter is back. I would like to hope it is one last stand but I doubt that will be the case. Anyway, I wish you all a good night’s sleep.

Furniture Lingo #3

Furniture Lingo #3

Last week I talked about some of the various arm styles to be found on a sofa. This week lets move to the back. Just like with the arms, there are some basic forms and then the designers work on the variation.

20130123_124619First up is the tight back. This is where the back of the sofa is tightly formed to the back of the sofa. This give a more solid and supportive feel to the sofa. This is frequently done with a flat panel of fabric.


20130123_140429Shown here are a couple of variations. One is the tufted back 20130123_140605where the fabric is tied in with a button tuft. The picture on the left shows this on a wonderful Kincaid accent chair.  Another is the channel back where the cushion is stabilized within channels. Pictured on the right in a very affordable chair from Best Home Furnishings.



20130123_124505The second option is the pillow back. This has several variations. Our model sofa from Drexel-Heritage shows you the English box edge, the welted box and the knife-edge. These pillows may be loose or sewn to a back panel and called a “semi-attached” pillow back.

Finally we put this all together and we have our sofa.

Winter has returned to Iowa, at least for a little while. It won’t be long though and spring will be coming. Until then stay warm, enjoy the Hawkeyes and the Cyclones and just