LaZBoy Awards Smulekoff’s – Fastest Growing Comfort Studio

One of the areas that we have worked hard on the past two years is the LaZBoy gallery.  About one year ago, April of 2009 to be exact, we announced the opening of our new LaZBoy Comfort Studio.  Our goal was to bring the best selection of LaZBoy reclining furniture to Eastern Iowa.  We started with just about one-third of the room on second floor.  It soon became apparent that you folks liked the idea and we doubled our floor space.  Well, it didn’t take long to realize that wasn’t going to be enough so we expanded the gallery again.  And now we are looking to fully take over the whole room.  It is clear that Eastern Iowa likes LaZBoy products, and they like having it at Smulekoff’s.

Well, folks, all that hard work has not gone unnoticed.  Clearly not by our customers, but also not by LaZBoy.  Last week at the High Point furniture market, LaZBoy recognized Smulekoff’s as the fastest growing Comfort Studio – not just in Iowa but in their whole Central Region.  I’m told that covers about a third of the country.  Rumor has it we were the fastest growing Comfort Studio in the nation but that award is not given out.

We owe that distinction to our customers.  Yes, we put in some work.  Bob worked with LaZBoy to bring in the selections.  Dennis worked with his crew to put everything out and fill that room.  And my sales crew studied to learn about LaZBoy and how to best help you find just the right pieces for you.  But all of that hard work wouldn’t have done a thing if our customers didn’t want the product and didn’t trust Smulekoff’s to get it right.

Thank you for making Smulekoff’s the place to go for LaZBoy furniture.

Enjoy spring in Iowa, it is a beautiful time of year.