Doesn’t This Look Better?

The Third Avenue windows are done, Bob and Dennis have populated the area, and Deb has worked her magic in completing the presentation.  Doesn’t this look better now?

It always feels so good when we are able to reclaim some more of the store.  This a continuing battle but we are making progress.

Well, it looks like spring has arrived.  Can I say that?  Let’s hope I haven’t jinxed us now.  It has been beautiful weather for March.  It was great to see so many people downtown for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  There were people everywhere.  That is what downtown Cedar Rapids used to be like – let’s make that happen again.



People ask all the time how the recovery is going and I always answer that it is going well but it is still a work in progress.  It’s hard for some people to believe that a year and a half later, we are still rebuilding.  Well, I’m here to tell you that is the case for many of us downtown.

Theater Cedar Rapids just finished rebuilding the Iowa Theater and they are back in business downtown.  I’m looking forward to seeing their new show, “The Producers”, later this week.  This summer you will see some other buildings going away.  I’m told that some the buildings have been abandoned and they will be razed when the weather permits.

Well, we have been back in business for quite some time but the rebuilding is still going on.  The picture at the top shows the north display windows.  This was the part of the building that faced into the flood.  All of the glass was shattered and the structure was destroyed.  We had made them look presentable, at least if you didn’t look too closely.  But now it is time to rebuild this space.  We are putting in a new floor and back wall, as well as lighting the space.  I think these guys are doing a wonderful job.  It won’t be long before we will look good from Third Avenue again.

Spring is just around the corner.  This week has melted most of the snow and if we can hold off any major rain storms we won’t have too much trouble from any flooding this spring.  Let’s hope Mother Nature is kind to us this year.