Memories from the Past

Check out this chair.  Isn’t this fun?  This picture was in my in-box this week from one of our old friends.  A couple of emails and a phone call later and I was able to find out the history.

This is a picture of Mark Bohn.  In 1989, Mark was a new rep for Simmons Mattress and was visiting our store during his training.  I caught up with Mark by phone while he was on the road.  Don’t you just love the power of cell phones?  Mark told me he was so intrigued by the chair that he just had to climb up on it to have this picture taken.  Mark is now serving the Pacific northwest for Serta.  He has kept this picture all these years and even recently featured it on his Facebook page.

The chair was from Best Chair Company and was making the rounds of the various dealers as a promotion.  I never got to see this chair but when I visited the factory in Ferdinand, IN a few years ago I got to sit on the latest edition.  It is on prominent display in the entrance to their home offices.

One of the fun parts of working for Smulekoff’s is to hear the stories and to talk with people who remember us from earlier years.  When you have been around for 120 years, there are a lot of stories.

Well, the groundhog may be predicting 6 more weeks of winter but I’m saying that spring is near.  It has to be – I’m tired of this snow.