Yes, we have a Design Studio

This is not a page out of a designer magazine. This is a home in Eastern Iowa. What do you think?

This the work of Amelia Warner, a designer from right here at Smulekoff’s. All of the furniture and flooring is from our normal line-up. The sofa and chairs are from the Bassett Simply Yours collection. The benches are from Fairfield and the tables from Hammary.

I have been negligent in not talking more about our Design Studio. This is the kind of work that Amanda, Carolyn, Adriel and Amelia do every day for our clients. They will help you put together a beautiful room. This service is available to all of our customers and costs no more than if you were to come in and pickĀ  everything out yourself. So if you have a project and you would really appreciate some professional assistance, talk with one of these ladies.

Well, we are off on a new decade. The weather in Iowa is crazy. One day it is below zero and the next we have a thaw. Yep, it’s winter in Iowa.