Our Recovery Continues

It is easy to forget what happened last summer.  It has been 16 months since we were flooded. But the recovery is still going on downtown.  One of the little known consequences of the flood was that many of the downtown buildings have been without heat.  Most of the old buildings downtown relied upon Alliant to supply the steam to heat our stores.  Unfortunately Alliant lost their steam generating facility in the flood.  They were great last winter to bring in a temporary generator to provide steam for the downtown buildings but they just couldn’t afford to continue that as a long term solution.

That meant that all of us had to install our own boilers to heat the buildings.  Well folks, that isn’t an easy thing to do.  We had to cut a hole in the floor of the back dock and the heating engineers had to lower the boiler into the basement.  Those things are way too heavy to use even our sturdy service elevator.  Now they are working in the basement, assembling the system.  I was told we are not alone – that 36 buildings are going through the same process this fall.  Hopefully we will have everything online before the snow flies.

The next time one of your friends asks how the recovery is going – just tell them that it is a work in progress but progress is being made.

It’s Haloween tonight and the Hawkeyes won today.  Life is good.


Kincaid Upholstery is Heating Up 3rd Floor

Kincaid Custom Select Upholstery

Kincaid Custom Select Upholstery

There is excitement again on the third floor.  We have a new custom upholstery collection from Kincaid and it looks good.  We have shown the wonderful Kincaid wood furniture for quite a while now but the upholstery is a new addition.

This is truly a design your own program.  You pick your arm style, size, back cushion and base to create the silhouette.  Choose from over 600 high quality fabrics to bring your livingroom to life. .  Then you can fine tune the ride with a choice of 4 different seat cushion options.  Combine that with mortise and tenon frame construction; an eight-way hand-tied coil suspension and fully padded frames all around and you have the opportunity to create the sofa of your dreams.  The Kincaid upholstery shop is designed to tailor furniture to each individual order.

We think this will be an excellent addition to our collection of fine custom designed furniture made for you in America.

It snowed yesterday, looks like we may have an early winter.  Yech.  Oh well, just another excuse to spend time at home where it is warm.