Gifts & Accessories – Grand Reopening

Debbie is getting very nervous. It is almost time for the Grand Reopening of the Gifts and Accessories Department. She has been working hard these past few months to get everything in and out and on display. It has to be just right.

The big week will be August 25 – 31.  Debbie will be having all of her in stock gifts and accessories on sale for 20% off.  She has lamps, pictures, throws, vases, candles, tables linenes, and all sorts of fun things that I don’t know what to call them.

So maybe some early Christmas shopping is in order.  Or just brighten up your own home for the fall.


Finally a “FIRM” mattress

I have been selling bedding for 20 years now and in that time I have watched as mattress design has trended toward softer and plusher designs.  The “modern” innerspring mattress at least, is now one sided and most have a very soft and plush surface.  Pillow tops are very popular but even a “firm” mattress has about 4″ to 6″ of foams and fiber above the innerspring.

These beds are very popular and for the most part this is what our customers want to purchase.  Let’s face it – if these beds didn’t sell, the mattress companies would make something different.  But some of the side effects of these plush mattress designs are the body impressions that our customers just don’t seem to be willing to accept, and the feeling for some people that you aren’t getting the support that you need.  Throw in the trend that Americans are becoming, shall we say, more substantial, and it looks like the pendulum is starting to swing back.  Comfort Solutions from King Koil has introduced a new line of mattress designed for the larger person who is looking for a more durable (read firmer) mattress.

The XL or eXtended Life Mattress Collection has been specifically designed with long lasting comfort, support and durability in mind.  And folks, they have really beefed up this bed, from the top cover down to the foundation.

The foam comfort layers are the highest density foams available for beds.  The innerspring is a 12 gauge offset coil with the firmest feel in the industry.  And the foundation is a wood box that alone weighs almost 200 lbs.  They have even brought back the old practice of button tufting to keep the upholstery from shifting.

We have two of the models on our floor now.  The entry level is the XL100 and the step up is the XL300. The only real difference is that the XL300 replaces 2″ of the high density foam in the comfort layer with 2″ of Talaly Latex for better pressure relieving support.

I have tried these beds out and King Koil has succeeded in building a very supportive and solid bed that, I think, is still comfortable to sleep upon.  These are very solid beds.  Believe me, you don’t sleep in these beds, you sleep on them – but that is the whole point.  If you are like me and there is more of you now than there used to be – come check out these beds.  They just may be what you are needing.

Take heart, the children will be back in school soon.

Sleep well and as always. . .