Natuzzi Has Arrived

IMG_0556The latest Natuzzi shipment has arrived and we are excited. That may sound funny but you have to understand – when you order furniture from an Italian company that is producing the furniture in China – it can take as much as 6 months for the order to arrive.  This stuff is nice – so it is a big deal when we have some back in stock.

Our warehouse staff is still bringing it over and placing it on the floors but I have a couple of pieces to show.  Yes, I’m jumping the gun here, but like I said – we are excited.

IMG_0555This is all Italian leather with the Italian styling that makes Natuzzi so special.  We should be getting the new display put together this week, so come in and check it out.



#29 Lauren Price

A Smulekoff’s Independence Day tradition returned this past weekend with the revival of the CHALK ON THE WALK. For many years before last summer, we marked off sections of our sidewalk – handed out the tubs of chalk – and stepped back as the young (and some not so young) decorated our area with their depictions of the holiday.

Well, we were able to bring out the chalk again. This year the theme was:
Star Spangled Freedom

#49 Lodge Family

This has always been one of my favorite traditions. I am always amazed by the talent in our community.

#42 Rachel NessIndependence Day is one of my favorite holidays.  No pressure.  No gifts to worry about, no need to travel, no need to see others unless I choose to.  Just a time to celebrate this great country and the life we live.