More Changes on First Floor

The changes just keep coming on first floor.

What have we here?


If you think it looks like something special is going into this area – you are correct.  By June we will have a new addition to the Smulekoff’s family.  This addition will help us sparkle (could that be a hint?).

I’m not ready yet to make an official announcement so, as they say in the TV world –


Enjoy Spring – it is almost here.


The Bassett Simply Yours program has been one of our most popular custom upholstery lines for several years and now Bassett is expanding that offering with a new, even simpler offering. CU2 will make it very easy to design exactly the sofa that you have been dreaming about.


I can’t tell you how many times we talk with someone who has a very good idea about how they want their sofa to look, but they just can’t find it in any stores. Well Bassett wants you to be able to have that sofa. You design the sofa and they will make it for you.

CU2 gives you the choice of 3 arms styles (wedge, track or sock) and 44 fresh and stylish fabrics. Then just pick the pieces that fit best in your room. You can choose from three different sofa sizes, a loveseat, a chair and a half or a chair. Don’t forget the ottoman, you have a choice of two sizes for that. Need one of those pieces to be a sleeper? No problem. That can be done in queen, full, twin, or a chair sleeper. If you really would rather have a sectional there are 12 different pieces in the program so you will be able to design just the sectional that you need to fill that empty space in your home.


Looks like Bassett has a  winner here.