The case of the broken dresser glides.

I spoke with a lady this week who was very pleased that we were able to help her out. It seems she had purchased a dresser from us 15 years ago. Last month when she moved to her new home, the movers were not very gentle with her dresser and had broken the glides on two of the drawers. She told me how she had gone all over town looking for replacement glides with no success. She came back to us as a last resort, hoping we had a solution for her. Well, we went up to the shop and it didn’t take long for Craig to find glides for her.

As we rode the elevator back to first floor, this nice lady just couldn’t believe that we could find glides for her 15-year-old dresser. “I’m so glad there is still a real furniture store in town”, was her response.

I had to admit to her that we don’t succeed every time but if we fail it isn’t for lack of trying. You know, some days it’s good to come to work.


120th Anniversary

histor17I want to use this space to write about what is happening at Smulekoff’s. What better way to start than to celebrate our 120th anniversary.

Let me tell you about something we found this week. We are remodeling part of the first floor and found an electrical inspection label from 1942. The name of the inspector has faded but his certificate said the wiring was approved. This was a wonderful reminder that we moved into this building in 1942.

It was 1889 when Henry Smulekoff bought a little one room store on May’s Island and opened his furniture store. Twenty years later Mr. Smulekoff sold his store to the city for the same price he had paid for it and moved to a new location on the west side of the river.

It was 1942 when we opened the new store where we are today. We have an ad from the grand opening inviting the people of Cedar Rapids to come in and experience the new, modern store.

We haven’t gone HIGH HAT” – says the copy on the ad.

We have been in this building now for 67 years. A lot has changed since we opened back then but we are still going strong. This spring we will be completing a major renovation of the first floor of our building, compliments of Mother Nature. If you visit us in the coming weeks you will hear the workers putting up new walls, laying flooring and doing all of the work to get the rest of first floor ready to show.